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          tongyi mechanical


          tongyi mechanical




          公司擁有客戶1200多家光配套單位就有上百余家。 公司生產的排屑機主要有鏈板式排屑機,磁性排屑機,刮板式排屑機,磁性刮板式排屑機,螺桿式排屑機,產品已廣泛用于各機床廠家并與之配套。公司有著專業的技術工作人員,憑著專業的技術、精心的制作、先進的管理和售后服務,為客戶提供性價比高的產品并滿足客戶所需。



          Hangzhou Tong Yi Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Tang Shan village of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, which is established in 2007. It is a new enterprise specializing in the production of chip machines, telescopic passports, machine tools and sheet metal and other machine tools.


          The company has more than 1200 customers and more than 100 supporting units. The chip machine produced by the company mainly consists of chain plate scraper, magnetic chip machine, scraper type scraper, magnetic scraping machine and screw type chip machine. The product has been widely used in various machine tools manufacturers and matching them. The company has a professional technical staff, with professional technology, meticulous production, advanced management and high quality after-sales service to provide customers with the highest cost performance products and fully meet the needs of customers.


          Hangzhou Tong Yi Machinery Co., Ltd. will adhere to the principle of honesty, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and brand building, and sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit and create brilliance!



          All copyright abserved ? 版權所有:杭州通一機械有限公司???

          TEL :0571-82006636
          地 址:杭州市蕭山區進化鎮湯山村